Models & Zombies, Guns & Burt

I found this great picture on Blastr.

Very silly, but very true. The skin and bones look and the “high fashion” hunched poses that models do make them look exactly like the undead.

On another note, completely unrelated, I don’t know if Burt would survive the zombie outbreak. Mark likes to point this old, unloaded pellet gun at him and he goes nuts. Take a look:

If he does that with every gun, he’d give up our position or get into the fray during an attack. Not good.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a bit of writer’s block today. These were the things I wanted to talk about, but I find myself without words. I’ll try to revisit this later.

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A Very Zombie Holiday Season

The video above is a fantastic how-to on surviving a zombie attack during the holidays. With mistletoe, cooking, and gifts to worry about, how does one find the time to do it all AND fend off flesh-eating adversaries?

The filming is really great, with all of the black and white and 1950s style. Mark found it on GSMArena and it made the both of us laugh a tad. The video makes a bunch of great points. It’s just a good little entertainment piece to keep the holidays in mind.

Remember, ladies, don’t prioritize your pies.

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All Nightmare Long

Metallica has irritated me in recent years. Following the critical acclaim of their 1986 album, Master of Puppets and the mainstream success of their 1991 self-titled “Black Album,” they became the poster figures of metal music. They were rock gods. However, in 2000, they became one of the first bands to file a lawsuit against Napster and the free downloads of music. While I can agree with them in some respects, that piracy isn’t cool, they also sent out the message that they’d lost their love of the music and had replaced it with the love of money. They essentially looked like whiny bitches.

Whatever your stance on this situation may be, my respect for Metallica was momentarily lost. Once I saw their video for “All Nightmare Long,” they elevated a few tiers. You can watch it here:

Holy mother of zombies, isn’t that awesome? The effects they use to make it look like an old film reel gave the video an interesting vintage feel and totally added to the entire story. That zombification was extracted from an alien lifeform and engineered by Russian scientists during the Revolution made this even cooler.

The headless zombie frantically trying to feed himself is completely creepy. How do you kill it if you don’t have a brain to destroy? So scary. This is why messing around with genetics has people up in arms. Were this or something like it to occur, the entire human race would be in peril.

What did you think of the video? Yay or nay?

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