Juan of the Dead

Congratulations are in order for Cuba – they’re making their first ever zombie flick! With a $3 million budget and backing from a Spanish production company, Juan of the Dead will come out sometime next year. The movie chronicles the journey of a lazy guy named Juan who uses the zombie outbreak as a way to make money. Along with his partner, he promises to take out your zombified family in exchange for some cash. Initially, the Cuban government blames the outbreak on the CIA. It’s going to be your typical zombie movie, but with a lot of Cuban satire as well.

Here’s the CNN Article & Video

Awesome! It’s great to see other countries jumping on the zombie bandwagon. It looks like it’ll be a pretty cool film, with traditional lumbering zombies and not the kind that can somehow run quickly despite their decaying bodies. However, in one clip in the video above, they show a few zombies walking by a burned out car that are stumbling like they’re drunk. One guy is stepping forward and then back and then forward and then back… that doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I think it’s a really cool concept. It brings together all the elements of traditional zombie films, but it also has an originality to it. That the guys are using the outbreak to make money is a great idea. I hope Cuba’s first zombie movie turns out to be good. After reading the article, reading this blog, and watching the video… what do you think? Are you excited?

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