Zombie Survival

While there are many blogs out there about surviving a zombie apocalypse, such as Blog of the Dead, that is not my main concern here. From time to time, I may discuss zombie survival, but I think information on surviving a zombie apocalypse pales in comparison to the place of zombies in pop culture, how they are portrayed in different mediums, and the differences between, say, zombies of The Walking Dead verses the zombies of Zombie Strippers.

That being said, a topic that emerged between Mark and I last night was the likelihood of our dog, Burt, surviving a possible zombie apocalypse. In episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead, both a horse and a deer met untimely deaths at the hands of the undead. However, in the Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake, the zombies show no interest in the dog carrying food to the man trapped in the gun store. Realistically, would the undead really pass up a warm meal, human or animal? Look at this tasty morsel:

I hope they wouldn’t touch him. I can watch films in which old people, women, children, or any human can be brutally killed, but when met with a scene in which an animal is hurt, I have to turn away. I can’t stand to see an animal hurt or killed. The idea of Burt being in pain or being scared makes my heart pound and I want to cry. People? Not so much. Perhaps this says something about my relationship with human beings.

I would rather see a zombie survival guide for pets than for people.