I Miss You, Babe… And I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Sorry for the Aerosmith quote. That was unnecessary.

As I washed my hair this morning, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it is to be able to have a hot shower every morning. I have very long, thick hair… without a real shower to wash it in, I’d have to cut it all off Ripley-style.

I guess if I looked this bad ass, I wouldn’t mind. But I digress.

What basic things would you miss the most in a zombie apocalypse? I’d miss hot showers. And indoor plumbing. I don’t want to poop out in the woods or in a bucket or a latrine. Not that girls poop, but, you know what I mean…

I would miss air conditioning. I love air conditioning. I don’t have it in my car, an old 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I know how terrible it can be without it. There’s nothing like having a line of boob sweat come out on your shirt for everyone to see. It feels so amazing to come into an air conditioned building after walking around in the heat outside for a while.

I’d miss the Internet and television, but as long as I had books, I think I would be relatively okay. I don’t really look at anything all that great on the Internet anyway and television is turning into quite a travesty with all of these reality shows.

I would miss washing machines. Electricity in general. Refrigeration. Running water.

What would you miss the most? And no, I’m not talking about mani-pedis or Neiman Marcus. Basic things that you use every day.


Photo from: http://onesixthwarriors.com