What Dreams May Come

Holy crow, I had quite the nightmare last night. I have very vivid dreams nearly every night and I always remember them. Supposedly this is a sign of mental illness. Makes sense.

This older couple had a house that was invaded by zombies that came down through the chimney and they were all bloody and membrane-y like burn victims. They just kept coming out of the chimney and suddenly the house caught fire. Somehow the zombies never get out of the house and the fire never reaches the house next door.

Cut to the house after it’s been rebuilt. A family moves in: mom, dad, daughter, two sons, nanny. The zombies come in again and start killing everyone. For some reason, they have British accents despite being from the US. For a moment, Winona Ryder circa 1990 was playing the 7-year-old daughter. The entire family dies except for the slacker older son, who has a party in the attic. The zombies are still outside, fenced in the backyard and suddenly, they’re the Plants vs Zombies zombies. I proceed to defeat them using the exploding plants from the game.

I wake up to Mark shuffling around getting ready for work and Burt crying, whining and barking because 6:45 AM is the appropriate time to cry and mean Daddy won’t take him out to poop.

What the HELL was that? Maybe I’m thinking about zombies too much, or maybe I’m playing the game too much (I spent all of Sunday trying to beat it… I did). Maybe it was Mark’s brother Joe talking about his zombie dream over dinner. Whatever it was, that was freaky and strangely horror movie-esque in the way the plot went.

Have you had any freaky zombie dreams? Ever play a game so much that it creeps into your head and you’re playing it while sleeping?

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