Zombie Weddings: We Now Pronounce You Undead

Themed weddings have been happening for a long time, with brides and grooms dressing up like Star Wars characters (no, Mark, we’re not dressing up like Star Wars characters), Star Trek characters, pirates, Renaissance kings and queens, or, my favorite of all, zombies. Zombie-themed weddings are becoming a big trend, and the wedding party will go all out and bloody their clothes, rip them up, and apply zombie makeup.


There are even zombie-themed cakes.


Now, although Mark and I have joked about having a zombie-themed wedding, I would never be able to go through with it. Not only would my 90-year-old grandparents be horrified, but I’m one of those girls who envisions that white wedding with pretty flowers and a nice, big cake that does not have fake blood all over it.

A zombie engagement party, or Halloween party, or even just a casual weekend party, now that I could get behind. I have always loved dressing up, and since I’m not five anymore, I’ve found it’s difficult to find opportunities to appropriately dress up. I’d really love to get myself looking really gross, with open gouges all over my face and chest and arms and blood dripping everywhere.

What do you think? Would you have a zombie-themed wedding? Have you ever dressed up like a zombie? Share your photos in the comments.

*Photo from: http://undeadmolly.blogspot.com

**Photo from: http://geekologie.com

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Review: World War Z

About six months ago, I read Max Brooks’ World War Z. I read it on Mark’s urgings and was rather hesitant, as his previous recommendation, Hunter S. Thompson’s Hells Angels, had me bored to tears for the first sixty pages or so. I stopped reading without even getting halfway through. This is very unlike me. I always finish a book, even if I don’t like it, and if I like it I read it again and again and again and again. And again. Times infinity.

So, did World War Z fit into this “again” category? Somewhat. I plan on reading it again. However, I am not looking forward to reading certain parts again. Unless you’re really into military stuff, like tactics and terminology and such, probably 35% of the book kind of sucks. I’m a big history buff, so I’m not totally against military information, but I was looking forward to the anecdotes much more.

The book is incredibly well-written and mostly easy to read. It’s those damn sections about army or navy or marine officials with little to no description other than how their troops surrounded something or how a certain new weapon worked. Those sections killed me and more than once I was tempted to skip over them completely. They were dry and uninteresting. However, Brooks does an amazing job writing in many different voices. His narratives are wonderfully descriptive and he takes on many different characters, who are all great contributions to make the story come alive.

If you love zombies as much as I do, you’ll read it. I enjoyed it for the most part and will probably read it over again soon. Part of this is because my books are in storage and very smelly due to the house fire I had November 7 and so I have no access to my old favorites. Mark has World War Z here and his brother is nearly finished with it, so I believe that will be my next read.

Read it. Or, if you want non-zombie-related books, ask in the comments. You’ll get a recommendation, but you will also be heavily ridiculed, because this is a zombie blog, not a book blog.


*Photo from: http://filmschoolrejects.com

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The Walking Dead Season Finale

Spoilers. If you didn’t think there’d be any, you must be smoking something.

Hmm… what can I say? While there was certainly a lot of drama, what purpose did the season finale serve? They open a new plot line, introduce a new character, and by the end of the episode they’re both gone. I can see why the writing staff was fired.

I didn’t dislike the finale, but I also wasn’t blown away, either. What was the reason for that episode? To give a poorly thought out explanation of the zombie disease? It didn’t cover much, only how it effects the brain. So, the group went to the CDC and all that came from it was a shoddy explanation, a comfortable night’s sleep and a good meal, and that black lady whose name doesn’t seem important blew up with the doctor. Andrea & Dale almost went up, too, but you had to know she wouldn’t let him. That was a cop-out. And of course you knew they’d all get out… there’s a second season coming up, after all.

So, now they move on. My hope is that in the second season they bring about the penitentiary plot line Mark talks about from the comics. They hole up in an abandoned prison and… then I don’t know what. All I know is that nothing was really concluded and no new avenues were really open. We’re left with the group leaving in five, FIVE cars (aren’t they worried about all the gas they’ll need?) and that’s about it. No real zombie action, no crazy cliffhanger, no “OMG!” moment. The episode did not fall flat by any means… it was well done, very suspenseful, but it did not live up to my expectations.

Don’t walk into the light. Therein lies pointlessness.

*Photo from: http://tvsquad.com

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Review: Fido

So, Saturday night before we headed out to a friend’s birthday party, Mark and I watched Fido. Taking place in the 1950s after a zombie war, the film depicts a life in which zombies are used as pets and cheap labor. Timmy’s family gets a zombie, Fido, and Fido quickly becomes Timmy’s best friend. However, Timmy is put in a difficult position when Fido kills the neighbor and sets off a chain of events that lead to more citizens being zombified.

Billy Connolly did a great job as Fido, and it was difficult to tell it was actually him. Without his signature long hair and a face done in blue makeup, Mark didn’t even know it was Billy Connolly until I pointed it out. Carrie Ann Moss was wonderful as Helen, Timmy’s mother. The film was a great parody of 1950s Lassie movies and made me laugh at a few points. I was surprised at how clever the movie was.

Visually, Fido was fantastic. There wasn’t a whole lot of gore, but the zombie makeup was fantastic and the bright colors and 1950s outfits, cars, and props made the movie look cheerful. The contrast of the happy 1950s era style with the gross zombies really made the film pop.

The film also brought forth this question: Would you be comfortable living in a world populated with zombies, but the zombies wore collars to inhibit their craving for flesh? There is a corporation in charge of zombie maintenance, disposal, and policing. However, should the collar be taken off or broken, the zombie will try to eat you. For me, I think I’d rather have a dog. Despite many precautions being taken, I just don’t think I’d ever feel completely safe in a zombie-filled world.

So, would I recommend it? Totally. If you’re in the mood for a silly zombie movie, without the tension and gore, watch Fido.


*Photo from: http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk

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The Corpses Who Move in a Fashion That Could Be Considered Walking

So, tonight is the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The show has already been given a second season, which will be twelve episodes. The creators of the show have thrown out the writing staff and are considering having freelancers complete the scripts for season two. Perhaps this will force the show to go back on the path of the comic book’s plot. I have not read the comic books, but Mark has and has been disappointed that the show is not close to the comics. I plan on reading them to see what I’m missing.

The first four episodes, whether or not they had anything to do with the comic, were awesome. I absolutely loved them. The acting is great, the makeup is amazing, and the production values are insane. The fact that they can be this bloody on cable television is awesome, too. I was not impressed with last week’s episode. Although it set the show up for what is hopefully going to be a great finale, not a lot happened.


The entire episode was about the group deciding to go back into the city and visit the CDC. That’s it. There were no really crazy fight scenes and somehow Rick still doesn’t know about his wife’s infidelities. Andrea… come on, did she really have to wait for her sister to reanimate to shoot her? That was dumb. I would think it’d be harder to shoot her when she’d have to look at her sister moving around, eyes open rather than not moving and obviously dead.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode. I hope it’s epic. I hope Rick finds out about Lori and Shane and there’s a serious ass beating. All in all, I just hope it doesn’t suck.

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All Nightmare Long

Metallica has irritated me in recent years. Following the critical acclaim of their 1986 album, Master of Puppets and the mainstream success of their 1991 self-titled “Black Album,” they became the poster figures of metal music. They were rock gods. However, in 2000, they became one of the first bands to file a lawsuit against Napster and the free downloads of music. While I can agree with them in some respects, that piracy isn’t cool, they also sent out the message that they’d lost their love of the music and had replaced it with the love of money. They essentially looked like whiny bitches.

Whatever your stance on this situation may be, my respect for Metallica was momentarily lost. Once I saw their video for “All Nightmare Long,” they elevated a few tiers. You can watch it here:

Holy mother of zombies, isn’t that awesome? The effects they use to make it look like an old film reel gave the video an interesting vintage feel and totally added to the entire story. That zombification was extracted from an alien lifeform and engineered by Russian scientists during the Revolution made this even cooler.

The headless zombie frantically trying to feed himself is completely creepy. How do you kill it if you don’t have a brain to destroy? So scary. This is why messing around with genetics has people up in arms. Were this or something like it to occur, the entire human race would be in peril.

What did you think of the video? Yay or nay?

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My True Love, My Addiction

I think you’ve become relatively familiar with me by now. I like chicken wings and would thus begin with the toes, were I to be zombified. You know what my dog looks like. I like animals better than humans. With all this knowledge, perhaps you’ve become comfortable with me. So, I think now is the appropriate time to let you know that I have an addiction.

I indulge in my addiction several times daily. I think about it, I dream about it, I do it between writing paragraphs to my thesis. I think you and I both know what I’m talking about: Plants Vs. Zombies.

Yes, I am an avid player of the defense and puzzle game created by PopCap Games. In fact, I have paid not once, but twice for Plants Vs. Zombies and would gladly pay for it again. Yes, I am aware that with the licensing you get 5 downloads of the game, but after I lost my laptop to a very recent house fire, I realized I had misplaced the email with my licensing information. And so, I purchased the game all over again, plunking down another $20.

If you don’t know anything about Plants Vs. Zombies, I highly recommend visiting PopCap Games and trying the game for free online. All you’ll be able to get through is the first level and you will be unable to access the other levels, mini games, or puzzle levels, among other features. However, you’ll become quickly addicted as you try to defend your house from zombies using the plants you are provided with. The plants are really cute and, strangely enough, the zombies are quite adorable themselves. Once you’ve mastered the game to a certain point, you can perform cool tricks, like make all the zombies have mustaches or wear weird 80s-type sunglasses. You can even create a “Zombitar” that leads the zombie armies into battle.

The game has both PC and Mac versions and is appropriate for all ages, as long as all ages can wrap their heads around the idea of battling the undead with rows of shooting, exploding, blocking, and smashing plants. It’s great for those who love to strategize and solve puzzles. I love this game. I don’t know why, it’s not especially difficult, and I am not one for lots of games, but I really, truly love this game.

And I’m going to go play it now.

For more information, visit Wikipedia for a full article on the game.

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Zombie Survival

While there are many blogs out there about surviving a zombie apocalypse, such as Blog of the Dead, that is not my main concern here. From time to time, I may discuss zombie survival, but I think information on surviving a zombie apocalypse pales in comparison to the place of zombies in pop culture, how they are portrayed in different mediums, and the differences between, say, zombies of The Walking Dead verses the zombies of Zombie Strippers.

That being said, a topic that emerged between Mark and I last night was the likelihood of our dog, Burt, surviving a possible zombie apocalypse. In episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead, both a horse and a deer met untimely deaths at the hands of the undead. However, in the Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake, the zombies show no interest in the dog carrying food to the man trapped in the gun store. Realistically, would the undead really pass up a warm meal, human or animal? Look at this tasty morsel:

I hope they wouldn’t touch him. I can watch films in which old people, women, children, or any human can be brutally killed, but when met with a scene in which an animal is hurt, I have to turn away. I can’t stand to see an animal hurt or killed. The idea of Burt being in pain or being scared makes my heart pound and I want to cry. People? Not so much. Perhaps this says something about my relationship with human beings.

I would rather see a zombie survival guide for pets than for people.

Love in the Time of Zombies

The other night, as my boyfriend Mark and I gazed lovingly at one another while we lay in bed, he said to me: “Babe, if we were in a zombie apocalypse, I’d shoot you in the head if you were bitten.” This was quickly followed by: “Babe, if I was a zombie, I’d go for your butt first.”

Cue the angels coming down from the heavens and singing their sweet song of serenity. The romanticism of these statements left me awash in the glow of adoration, and I am sure the wonder is not lost on you, either, dear reader. People sitting around discussing their hypothetical actions during a future zombie apocalypse is nothing new, but loved ones killing each other is always the most difficult topic. Everyone says they could do it, put a pick axe, bullet, machete, pike, or whatever your weapon of choice is, through their loved one’s head, destroying their brain and therefore freeing them from the tyranny flesh craving madness. However, were the situation ever to arise, could you do it?

As the zombie apocalypse has yet to begin, we can wait and see on this decision. Until it breaks out, we can simply lie back and wax poetic about which body part we’d start with when devouring our significant others. I, personally, would go from the toes up, like little chicken wings. I love chicken wings.

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Zombify Yourself

When beginning this blog, I tried to put up a zombified picture of myself for the avatar. I’d seen zombifying applications and decided to try one… it was much more difficult than initially imagined.

The first site, on the Zombieland film site, was incredibly difficult to use. It asked me to trace my face, but I was unable to figure out how to do so… clicking only resulted in a single point showing up and then a red triangle across half the photo. I’m assuming this is some sort of Photoshop-esque tool, but the difficulty made me give up within two minutes.

MakeMeZombie.com was by far the easiest, though the photo did not come out looking like me at all. The skin pallor was a nice green and the empty eye socket and blood around my mouth were cool, but the lines around my mouth and attempt to hollow out my cheekbones ended up making me look like a dead Chyna Laurer.

ZombieMe.com appeared to be the most promising… until I tried to add more than one zombie feature. The features appear in the upper left-hand corner and when attempting to move around the second feature, the two features were attached and moved at the same time. Nothing I did would remedy the situation, so once again I was back to the drawing board.

Most of the other sites bring you straight back to the ZombieMe application, so for now I have given up. Should anyone find a great app, please let me know… I’d love to be able to really make a great zombie me.

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