A Very Zombie Holiday Season

The video above is a fantastic how-to on surviving a zombie attack during the holidays. With mistletoe, cooking, and gifts to worry about, how does one find the time to do it all AND fend off flesh-eating adversaries?

The filming is really great, with all of the black and white and 1950s style. Mark found it on GSMArena and it made the both of us laugh a tad. The video makes a bunch of great points. It’s just a good little entertainment piece to keep the holidays in mind.

Remember, ladies, don’t prioritize your pies.

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Zombie Theology

I am by no means a religious person. In fact, were I to step into a church at this very moment, I’d likely burst into flames for defiling consecrated grounds. I was raised Protestant, am agnostic at best, and believe wholeheartedly that religion needs to get the hell out of our schools and government. Practice whatever you want to, but practice what you preach. The BS about “love thy neighbor” gets pretty old when I turn on my television and see religious figures hate mongering against those of different faiths.

This morning, perusing the CNN website between my local paper and MSNBC, The New York Times, Perez Hilton, and Food Porn Daily, I came across this blog/article by John Blake:

The “Zombie Theology” Behind the Walking Dead” (not to be confused with AMC’s The Walking Dead)

The blog, for those of you too lazy to read “all dem long werds,” discusses humanity’s interest in zombies in the sense of religion. “…zombie stories grapple with common religious themes: the end of the world, resurrection and the nature of the human soul.”

Interesting. I’d never really thought of it that way before. Where religion is concerned, I am undoubtedly immediately uncomfortable. We’re talking about peoples’ faith, something that is rooted so deeply that almost nothing can change it. There is no logic or practicality in religion. There is only a very strong belief. These beliefs can become so strong, that logic, facts, and practicality can be thrown out the window if they don’t align with a person’s religious beliefs. I am the definition of logical and practical in most areas.

So, with my zombies on the line, I panicked. Was my undead world about to come crashing down, into one giant pile of allegorical Jesus-y corpses?

Thank Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whomever you choose… NO!

In fact, the article discusses how all of zombie lure, while invoking elements of it, directly opposes religion. While the fear of losing one’s soul and giving in to our more animalistic desires in a very violent way, the idea of an apocalypse, and resurrection are all there, the bigger themes in religion are not. There is no solace in God or “a realm of morals” in the zombie world. There is no redemption, no forgiveness. There is only the dead and you, with no God to save you and no moral guidelines to tell you what to do and what not to do.

“It is you versus them, and the more of an anti-zombie zealot you are, the better for all concerned,” University of Cincinnati English professor Rebecca Borah says. “Take them out as fast as you can at all costs because – former loved ones or not – they are the damned and you don’t want to catch it from them.”

And so, my dedication to the Church of the Undead remains intact. What do you think? How do you feel about the religious implications in zombie lure? What do you think about the opposition to religion it also holds?

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So, I suppose I should have done a little more research and been more creative with naming my blog. There is a “Zomblog” on ZombieTime.com and a book called Zomblog by T.W. Brown. However, this is THE ZomBlog, not just Zomblog… so I guess that’s okay?

I suppose I should have been much more inventive. Would it be awful to change the name of the blog? Probably. So I guess I’ll just try my best to be more original in the future and try not to let it get to me that there’s other ZomBlog stuff out there.

Anyway, at least now I have another book on my list… coming soon will be reviews of Pride and Prejudice with Zombies and the first few issues of The Walking Dead comic.

Also, I can be found on Twitter under @TheZomBlog. I’ll do my best to keep up with it, but I can tell you that having a Twitter hasn’t served much purpose in the past, and the future looks uncertain. Follow me!

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Zombie Weddings: We Now Pronounce You Undead

Themed weddings have been happening for a long time, with brides and grooms dressing up like Star Wars characters (no, Mark, we’re not dressing up like Star Wars characters), Star Trek characters, pirates, Renaissance kings and queens, or, my favorite of all, zombies. Zombie-themed weddings are becoming a big trend, and the wedding party will go all out and bloody their clothes, rip them up, and apply zombie makeup.


There are even zombie-themed cakes.


Now, although Mark and I have joked about having a zombie-themed wedding, I would never be able to go through with it. Not only would my 90-year-old grandparents be horrified, but I’m one of those girls who envisions that white wedding with pretty flowers and a nice, big cake that does not have fake blood all over it.

A zombie engagement party, or Halloween party, or even just a casual weekend party, now that I could get behind. I have always loved dressing up, and since I’m not five anymore, I’ve found it’s difficult to find opportunities to appropriately dress up. I’d really love to get myself looking really gross, with open gouges all over my face and chest and arms and blood dripping everywhere.

What do you think? Would you have a zombie-themed wedding? Have you ever dressed up like a zombie? Share your photos in the comments.

*Photo from: http://undeadmolly.blogspot.com

**Photo from: http://geekologie.com

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All Nightmare Long

Metallica has irritated me in recent years. Following the critical acclaim of their 1986 album, Master of Puppets and the mainstream success of their 1991 self-titled “Black Album,” they became the poster figures of metal music. They were rock gods. However, in 2000, they became one of the first bands to file a lawsuit against Napster and the free downloads of music. While I can agree with them in some respects, that piracy isn’t cool, they also sent out the message that they’d lost their love of the music and had replaced it with the love of money. They essentially looked like whiny bitches.

Whatever your stance on this situation may be, my respect for Metallica was momentarily lost. Once I saw their video for “All Nightmare Long,” they elevated a few tiers. You can watch it here:

Holy mother of zombies, isn’t that awesome? The effects they use to make it look like an old film reel gave the video an interesting vintage feel and totally added to the entire story. That zombification was extracted from an alien lifeform and engineered by Russian scientists during the Revolution made this even cooler.

The headless zombie frantically trying to feed himself is completely creepy. How do you kill it if you don’t have a brain to destroy? So scary. This is why messing around with genetics has people up in arms. Were this or something like it to occur, the entire human race would be in peril.

What did you think of the video? Yay or nay?

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Zombify Yourself

When beginning this blog, I tried to put up a zombified picture of myself for the avatar. I’d seen zombifying applications and decided to try one… it was much more difficult than initially imagined.

The first site, on the Zombieland film site, was incredibly difficult to use. It asked me to trace my face, but I was unable to figure out how to do so… clicking only resulted in a single point showing up and then a red triangle across half the photo. I’m assuming this is some sort of Photoshop-esque tool, but the difficulty made me give up within two minutes.

MakeMeZombie.com was by far the easiest, though the photo did not come out looking like me at all. The skin pallor was a nice green and the empty eye socket and blood around my mouth were cool, but the lines around my mouth and attempt to hollow out my cheekbones ended up making me look like a dead Chyna Laurer.

ZombieMe.com appeared to be the most promising… until I tried to add more than one zombie feature. The features appear in the upper left-hand corner and when attempting to move around the second feature, the two features were attached and moved at the same time. Nothing I did would remedy the situation, so once again I was back to the drawing board.

Most of the other sites bring you straight back to the ZombieMe application, so for now I have given up. Should anyone find a great app, please let me know… I’d love to be able to really make a great zombie me.

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