Zombie Weddings: We Now Pronounce You Undead

Themed weddings have been happening for a long time, with brides and grooms dressing up like Star Wars characters (no, Mark, we’re not dressing up like Star Wars characters), Star Trek characters, pirates, Renaissance kings and queens, or, my favorite of all, zombies. Zombie-themed weddings are becoming a big trend, and the wedding party will go all out and bloody their clothes, rip them up, and apply zombie makeup.


There are even zombie-themed cakes.


Now, although Mark and I have joked about having a zombie-themed wedding, I would never be able to go through with it. Not only would my 90-year-old grandparents be horrified, but I’m one of those girls who envisions that white wedding with pretty flowers and a nice, big cake that does not have fake blood all over it.

A zombie engagement party, or Halloween party, or even just a casual weekend party, now that I could get behind. I have always loved dressing up, and since I’m not five anymore, I’ve found it’s difficult to find opportunities to appropriately dress up. I’d really love to get myself looking really gross, with open gouges all over my face and chest and arms and blood dripping everywhere.

What do you think? Would you have a zombie-themed wedding? Have you ever dressed up like a zombie? Share your photos in the comments.

*Photo from: http://undeadmolly.blogspot.com

**Photo from: http://geekologie.com

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  1. I’ve heard about these themed weddings also. I’m not sure how I feel about them. Theoretically one assumes you’re only getting married once, and so I think, would the average couple be proud to talk about their wedding being zombie themed 5, 10, 15 years from now? Also, a wedding is supposed to be special. I feel like a zombie (or any strange theme) wedding would be hard to take seriously.

  2. i will be getting married on oct. 31,2011 and we are having a zombie theme. i really want to know where the cake topper was from in your pic.

    • I believe that is a custom cake. The people were likely made from fondant (the thick, sugary, clay-like coating that goes over wedding cakes), and it is not a topper you can purchase. Ask your cake decorator if he/she can recreate it for you!

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