Review: World War Z

About six months ago, I read Max Brooks’ World War Z. I read it on Mark’s urgings and was rather hesitant, as his previous recommendation, Hunter S. Thompson’s Hells Angels, had me bored to tears for the first sixty pages or so. I stopped reading without even getting halfway through. This is very unlike me. I always finish a book, even if I don’t like it, and if I like it I read it again and again and again and again. And again. Times infinity.

So, did World War Z fit into this “again” category? Somewhat. I plan on reading it again. However, I am not looking forward to reading certain parts again. Unless you’re really into military stuff, like tactics and terminology and such, probably 35% of the book kind of sucks. I’m a big history buff, so I’m not totally against military information, but I was looking forward to the anecdotes much more.

The book is incredibly well-written and mostly easy to read. It’s those damn sections about army or navy or marine officials with little to no description other than how their troops surrounded something or how a certain new weapon worked. Those sections killed me and more than once I was tempted to skip over them completely. They were dry and uninteresting. However, Brooks does an amazing job writing in many different voices. His narratives are wonderfully descriptive and he takes on many different characters, who are all great contributions to make the story come alive.

If you love zombies as much as I do, you’ll read it. I enjoyed it for the most part and will probably read it over again soon. Part of this is because my books are in storage and very smelly due to the house fire I had November 7 and so I have no access to my old favorites. Mark has World War Z here and his brother is nearly finished with it, so I believe that will be my next read.

Read it. Or, if you want non-zombie-related books, ask in the comments. You’ll get a recommendation, but you will also be heavily ridiculed, because this is a zombie blog, not a book blog.


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