The Walking Dead Season Finale

Spoilers. If you didn’t think there’d be any, you must be smoking something.

Hmm… what can I say? While there was certainly a lot of drama, what purpose did the season finale serve? They open a new plot line, introduce a new character, and by the end of the episode they’re both gone. I can see why the writing staff was fired.

I didn’t dislike the finale, but I also wasn’t blown away, either. What was the reason for that episode? To give a poorly thought out explanation of the zombie disease? It didn’t cover much, only how it effects the brain. So, the group went to the CDC and all that came from it was a shoddy explanation, a comfortable night’s sleep and a good meal, and that black lady whose name doesn’t seem important blew up with the doctor. Andrea & Dale almost went up, too, but you had to know she wouldn’t let him. That was a cop-out. And of course you knew they’d all get out… there’s a second season coming up, after all.

So, now they move on. My hope is that in the second season they bring about the penitentiary plot line Mark talks about from the comics. They hole up in an abandoned prison and… then I don’t know what. All I know is that nothing was really concluded and no new avenues were really open. We’re left with the group leaving in five, FIVE cars (aren’t they worried about all the gas they’ll need?) and that’s about it. No real zombie action, no crazy cliffhanger, no “OMG!” moment. The episode did not fall flat by any means… it was well done, very suspenseful, but it did not live up to my expectations.

Don’t walk into the light. Therein lies pointlessness.

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