Review: Fido

So, Saturday night before we headed out to a friend’s birthday party, Mark and I watched Fido. Taking place in the 1950s after a zombie war, the film depicts a life in which zombies are used as pets and cheap labor. Timmy’s family gets a zombie, Fido, and Fido quickly becomes Timmy’s best friend. However, Timmy is put in a difficult position when Fido kills the neighbor and sets off a chain of events that lead to more citizens being zombified.

Billy Connolly did a great job as Fido, and it was difficult to tell it was actually him. Without his signature long hair and a face done in blue makeup, Mark didn’t even know it was Billy Connolly until I pointed it out. Carrie Ann Moss was wonderful as Helen, Timmy’s mother. The film was a great parody of 1950s Lassie movies and made me laugh at a few points. I was surprised at how clever the movie was.

Visually, Fido was fantastic. There wasn’t a whole lot of gore, but the zombie makeup was fantastic and the bright colors and 1950s outfits, cars, and props made the movie look cheerful. The contrast of the happy 1950s era style with the gross zombies really made the film pop.

The film also brought forth this question: Would you be comfortable living in a world populated with zombies, but the zombies wore collars to inhibit their craving for flesh? There is a corporation in charge of zombie maintenance, disposal, and policing. However, should the collar be taken off or broken, the zombie will try to eat you. For me, I think I’d rather have a dog. Despite many precautions being taken, I just don’t think I’d ever feel completely safe in a zombie-filled world.

So, would I recommend it? Totally. If you’re in the mood for a silly zombie movie, without the tension and gore, watch Fido.


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  1. man patiko sis filmas nuo pradzios iki galo

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