Love in the Time of Zombies

The other night, as my boyfriend Mark and I gazed lovingly at one another while we lay in bed, he said to me: “Babe, if we were in a zombie apocalypse, I’d shoot you in the head if you were bitten.” This was quickly followed by: “Babe, if I was a zombie, I’d go for your butt first.”

Cue the angels coming down from the heavens and singing their sweet song of serenity. The romanticism of these statements left me awash in the glow of adoration, and I am sure the wonder is not lost on you, either, dear reader. People sitting around discussing their hypothetical actions during a future zombie apocalypse is nothing new, but loved ones killing each other is always the most difficult topic. Everyone says they could do it, put a pick axe, bullet, machete, pike, or whatever your weapon of choice is, through their loved one’s head, destroying their brain and therefore freeing them from the tyranny flesh craving madness. However, were the situation ever to arise, could you do it?

As the zombie apocalypse has yet to begin, we can wait and see on this decision. Until it breaks out, we can simply lie back and wax poetic about which body part we’d start with when devouring our significant others. I, personally, would go from the toes up, like little chicken wings. I love chicken wings.

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  1. Wow, what a romantic guy. I don’t know anyone who would take on the guilt and pain of having to off a loved one, especially “the” one, just to spare them the pain of becoming one of the undead masses. I, uh hrrrm, I mean, he must really love you…

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